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Public notice

Recruitment training information

It is being informed to all the people that we are going to play an important role in this state under Banglargobo Enterprise Public Organization. Joining us are Microsoft and Google Cloud Authority, the first of which we have been able to take the opportunity to conduct online training for Microsoft Professional Office courses online for the purpose of imparting quality education to the boys and girls of Bengal. It can be said with certainty that we have been able to make all kinds of computer courses in Bengali to change a huge pot before the next election according to our schedule and to give due value to the culture and language of Bengal. The reason is that the artificial intelligence learning platform that Microsoft has created has created a golden opportunity to partner with our company, using an artificial technology system that has the ability to do things that people don’t need, such as reading and writing. Starting from closing the doors and windows of the house fan fan, taking news listening classes, training someone, thousands of such things will not be needed by the people in the coming days. Microsoft has signed an agreement with Banglargobo Enterprise to train the current boys and girls to work as technology experts, arguing that those who can complete the training will be guaranteed 100% job. There can be two types of work from one house to two places. Thirdly, three staff members will be hired for each of the three panchayat, one for each village to exchange various types of information, banking facilities, technology based education, publishing, formation of business committees, rural fish farming facilities, improved pesticide use in agriculture. And our company is going to employ its practical methods, from soil testing, water testing to arranging jobs for rural khadi artisans and liaising with suitable trade centers for those goods and delivering all the facilities of various government projects directly to the customer. As a result, a radical change in rural society is expected by 2021. Selection will be made on merit basis after completion of recruitment agreement training. There will be no need to give any kind of interview as training is being done beforehand. Moreover, we do not have any second branch for which you will not fall into the hands of any broker, you can share it with us in Bengali in an open fair way to know what will be needed. As we are a public body, there will be no room for public harm or false accusation. All employees will be bound to consider the decision taken under the Indian Public Act 1956 as the final decision. You can find details about registration and rules from the website address given below. The promoter is Entajul Ali, the head of Banglargobo Enterprise from South Dinajpur, who has benefited from the project for the new generation of digitally educated boys and girls in the district and the state. Click here to learn more

Dedication –

Banglargarb Registered Office, Jul Communication Center, Room No. 4, South Dinajpur